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Why Stark International?

STARK is an industry leader in oil diagnostics. The STARK Diagnostic System provides a reliable snapshot of the overall internal health of the transformer, and identifies any remedial action required to prevent a predictable failure. Its benefit is that it allows you to intervene at key benchmarks to substantially extend the reliable life of your units up to two or three times.

The STARK Diagnostic Assessment System is available in several report options. Depending on the option you select the report will:

  • Identify any urgent issues requiring immediate attention
  • Provide you with a detailed action plan outlining steps to be taken to maintain and extend the life of your transformer
  • Include proactive maintenance recommendations intended to reduce downtime and increase longevity and reliability
  • Identify the reliability of your unit by assessing the oil and gas in the oil data
  • Help you develop long-range maintenance plans and budgetary forecasts
  • Reduce or eliminate predictable premature equipment repairs and replacements

In addition, we regularly work with our clients one-on-one providing an on-going resource of transformer technical expertise.

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