Oil Services

Get improved reliability and extend the life of your transformers by two to three times. 85% of transformer failures can be attributed to oxidation of the insulating oil. We can help.

Oil Services Main

Transformer oil should be free of moisture, gases and oxidation by products. Our Oil Diagnostics system provides a reliable snapshot of the overall internal health of the transformer, and identifies any remedial action required to prevent a predictable failure. Our large fleet of mobile transformer service units and expert technicians are well equipped to return your transformer oil to like new condition.

And, if you want oil supplied (new/reclaimed) or disposal of old oil, we have the supply, equipment and processes to deliver.  

Oil Diagnostics and Analysis

  • Oil Diagnostics and Analysis
  • On-site Oil sampling
  • Visual Inspections

Oil Processing and Restoration

  • Vacuum Filling
  • Degasification
  • Dehydration
  • Reclamation
  • Retro-fills

 Oil Supply, Storage, and Disposal

  • Oil Delivery (new & reclaimed)
  • Oil Disposal & Recycling
  • Oil Storage

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