Reclaimed or New Oil Sales

Electricity requires transformers. Transformers require oil. Oil should be simple. 

Oil Sales

Whether through new PCB legislation, budgetary restrictions, or simply having to do more with less across your organization, transformer oil management is more challenging than ever.

Stark can supply new/reclaimed oil on demand or be your go-to transformer fluid maintenance partner. We can deliver oil across Canada and the United States by barrel, by tote, or by tanker ensuring your needs are met.

Our reclaimed oil is treated and processed to return oil quality properties to "like new" levels without "new oil" costs. Our reclaimed oil specifications meets or exceeds industry standards.  

The Stark Oil Recycling Program is designed to simplify your oil purchasing and oil disposal needs and makes transformer oil a re-usable resource. 

  1. Easy to manage
  2. Cost effective
  3. Environmentally-friendly
  4. PCB oil management and compliance
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