Transformer Installation

A key factor in ensuring the long-term reliability of power transformers is a quality installation package.

Transformer Commissioning

Whether you are installing a new or refurbished transformer, or dis-assembling and re-positioning an existing transformer, we offer a turnkey solution.

Full Service

Our transformer service units are fully self-sustained with on-board generators, dry air machines, tool house, vacuum and oil processing capabilities, as well as the unique offering of on-board housing and sanitation facilities which can be employed for remote project locations.

Three (3) of our fourteen (14) units are also designed to travel by sea freight for the unique needs of island nations for all of your Transformer Installation needs.

We offer:

  • Pre-offload testing to verify integrity in transport
  • Transformer assembly services
  • Dis-assembly and crating services for re-positioning of existing transformers
  • Vacuum filling and processing
  • Electrical acceptance testing
  • Standard and site specific formal reporting of final oil and electrical testing results

Contact Us Today to learn how Stark can assist you with your Transformer Installation needs.

Safety and Certificates


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Health & Safety

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