Diagnostics and Assessments

We save clients from untimely repairs and premature transformer replacements by recognizing the advancements of oil oxidation, paper decay, and internal overheating before significant harm and irreversible damage is done to the transformer.

Oil Diagnostics 2

Healthy transformer insulating oil is key to enhancing longevity and performance of transformer assets. Regular oil condition monitoring and preventative maintenance are crucial steps in managing the long-term health of insulating oil.

We offer a unique consultative approach to developing maintenance plans and budgetary forecasts centralized around annual oil sampling and thorough visual inspections of your transformers. 

STARK'S experienced analysts provide a Transformer Diagnostic Report which includes a prioritized list of maintenance recommendations.

Our oil diagnostics services include:

  • Sampling of transformer oil in the field
  • Lab testing of transformer oil (oil quality categories, gas-in-oil and specialized testing such as furans, oxidation inhibitor, metals, corrosive sulphur and more)
  • Detailed analysis of transformer oil lab results by seasoned oil experts in consultation with in-field transformer specialists
  • Comprehensive reporting to identify any urgent and long-term outlook issues including proactive maintenance recommendations
  • Optional visual and infrared inspections
  • Comprehensive fleet assessment report

Contact us today to discuss Starks’ Transformer Fleet Assessment report and see how we can help you improve and extend the serviceable life of your transformers.

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